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New Recruit - Idana Scaccia

Hi! My name is Idana Scaccia and I am a 1st baseman and right fielder. I’ve played softball for 9 years now; the first 6 I played house league and select for NMSA. The last 3, I played rep for the Whitby Eagles (year 1) and UTM Revolution East (year 2 and 3) and house league for BMBA. I first started out in baseball in 2007 for 3 years but quickly found myself switching to softball and finding my love for the sport. My UTM year 1 team finished 4th overall in the province on the A side and my UTM year 2 team finished as B-side finalists.

My most favourite thing about softball is all of the relationships I have made with my teammates on and off the field. I have such a passion for the sport and I’m excited to continue playing for my 4 years at Ryerson. Go Rams!